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Aloha, This is me, Nancy K., at 218lbs.

No one ever told me that one symptom during 'The Change of Life' could mean I'd get this fat!

This is me after cleansing my body of 40lbs of toxic fat.

Is Obesity getting you down?

I'd like to introduce you to a few of my friends who had similar results.

We Believe that your body is a miracle. When you gently cleanse your body and release toxins, add nutrition - Good things happen!

Lisa E. - 30lbs !!

In 2014, I was eating healthy food and yet I was inching up to my highest weight. I knew that at 55, this was not a good thing and that exercise was an important element in my lifestyle, yet I didn’t have the energy to get up in the morning or to do it after work.

Then I was introduced to some superfoods. I was hesitant, but trusted my friend, and was ready for a change. That was a life-changing decision. I started on the system immediately after the products arrived on my doorstep. I love these products!!! They have kept my body, mind and spirit in balance throughout stressful times.

As I approach 60, I am grateful that I have access to nutrition that will sustain my healthy body and mind for years to come. Fringe benefit…when I tell people my age..they are amazed because I look so much younger!!!

Lisa E. lives and works in Hawaii

She loves to hike, snorkel with wild dolphins, turtles, and go whale watching. Lisa is passionate about being in heart centered service to women around the world.

We Have Super Nutrition to Transform Your Body!

Cheryl Released 40lbs!

In June 2014, at the age of 55, I was unfulfilled, toxic, had no energy, and overweight. With the help of my childhood friend, Nancy, and nutritional cleansing, I changed my lifestyle. I am eating the best nutrition on the planet and have an abundance of energy! I have released 40 pounds and 52 inches and loving life more than ever! I am happy to say that I enjoy weight training, hot yoga, and running five days a week. I believe that anyone at any age can transform their life!

Cheryl T. lives and works in North Carolina

Also known as as 'Coach Cheryl' because you will her lifting weights at the gym, running around the lake, or doing yoga anywhere!

Cheryl is married, a mother of 3 adult children, and has 3 precious grandchildren. She recently stepped into a plant based diet.

Cheryl has a huge heart of service to help women know the truth and gift of being in a culture and community of women. She is happy to support you to live a healthy, active life in Menopause.

Fuel Your Body to Crush Your Fitness Goals and Enhance Your Workouts!

Michelle is 66 years young!

"At 66 years young, retirement has been greatly enhanced in the past four years since I started cleansing and eating the superfoods daily. I have more energy and look forward to getting out for my walks and exercise program. I'm excited about aging healthy in my body with clarity of mind. I've released inches, plus enough pounds to feel sexy again. My family and friends keep telling me that I look great. A definite bonus!"

Michelle B. lives in Seattle overlooking the water.

She is married, the mother of 2 adult children, and has a precious granddaughter. Without a job to hold her back, Michelle enjoys spending her time playing in Hawaii, swimming with wild dolphins, snorkeling with honu, manta rays, and whale watching.

Her heart is compassionate to everyone she meets. Michelle loves spending quality time with women in retreats, circles, dancing, and enjoying life fully! She digs nature and walks in the woods by her home in Seattle.

Everyone needs a Healthy Mentor who can shine a light on the path of healthy aging and Michelle is mine. Women who meet her instantly feel at ease in her calming presence.

Create Your Ultimate Lifestyle Before and After Menopause!

Lexi M. Released 40lbs!

"In 2017, I finally hit a point where my life wasn’t reflecting the kind of person I wanted to be. I was drinking a lot and dealing with a generalized laziness. After reaching out to a good friend, I got started on my health journey in January 2018.

I have released 40lbs and have finally begun to cultivate the lifestyle that reflects the ‘me' I’ve always wanted to be with some of the best friends I’ve ever had!"

Lexi lives in Colorado close to her sweet family and friends.

She can be found hiking, hanging out on the ropes, or golfing. Lexi is deep into her studies and is Not in Menopause!! She is a young passionate vibrant woman who is on her way to becoming an attorney.

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We are a Global Community of Women who are committed to be your personal guide you to:

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* Phenomenal Performance

* Live Your Passion and Purpose

* Slow down the Aging Process and Enjoy Life

* Experience Our Incredible Culture & Community

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As a Holistic Health Practitioner for Women, my passion is helping women to create their Dreams & Visions by connecting with other women. This accelerates the healing and creating process big time.

There is Zero Risk if you choose to embark upon this Simple - World Wide Nutrition Plan. For the amount of money you'd spend on one fast food lunch, or coffee you could experience your Ultimate Lifestyle with Optimal Health.

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Women, Men, & Children are taking their Power Back over Obesity, High Blood Sugar, and High Cholesterol Levels with Amazing Results!

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Morgan K., 33 years old, married, a father of 2 girls, self employed.

"Well here it is!!! I just completed my 17 Week Personal Challenge! I took the before picture the day I started my Nutrition Program, which was also the day after I had carpal tunnel surgery! Before I started eating these superfoods I was debilitated. I had trouble raising my right arm above shoulder height, 2 discs in my lower back failed, carpal tunnel in both wrists, taking prescription narcotics, and my doctors wanted to operate. It was time for change! Thankfully my parents didn't give up on me and I finally asked for help after 2 years of rejection. My results were; I stopped taking the medication within my first week and didn't need surgery! Today, I have a freedom I never thought I'd ever get back. I am forever grateful for this community that helped me along the way!"

Manson G. is 60, married, father of 2 adult sons, and lives in Central Washington.

"I have been following this program daily for about 4 years now. Before I got started, my body hurt all over, but my hands, feet and wrists hurt really bad. I liked to hike and bike but the discomfort in my body was keeping me from doing much of it. I felt fragile, vulnerable to injury, and would tire easily. I was hopeless. My wife suggested that I try these products because we both had great results over a decade earlier, and I was desperate for a real solution, and I don't like doctors. After only a few days on the products I was amazed at the difference! I began biking or hiking almost every day and going places I would not have considered going before this transformation. My entire body felt 20 years younger, not to mention my brain! My mental condition vastly improved and on top of that I shed 25 pounds! Oh, and I no longer crave sugar and salt. Sure I still have it, yet it's no longer a staple in our home, but a treat once in awhile. I'm not on any medications either. Just do it and you'll be alot happier, even if you have the blues like I did!"